Hardcore / Full overhaul and tune up

  • Frame & fork safety inspection
  • Drivetrain component wear inspection
  • Cable/Housing inspection
  • Gear adjust and tune
  • Brake adjust and tune ( including hydraulic brakes  bleed and adjusted)
  • Fork and tires / pressure check
  • Full bike bolt torque check and adjustment
  • Full drivetrain “Strip, Soak and Scrub” off bike and lubrication
  • Frame clean and polish (waterless bike wash)
  • Derailleur hanger alignment
  • Full wheel truing
  • Hubs overhaul & adjust
  • Headset overhaul & adjust
  • Bottom bracket overhaul & adjust
  • Post service test ride

Execution time : approx 3H

Price: 250 lei

* Package pricing does not include parts

* We offer our services in Bucharest and surrounding areas (extra cost).



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